A dedicated IP address is an exclusive numeric identifier on the Internet that's given to a device or a site. Shared hosting servers usually have a large number of sites under a single IP, while dedicated ones feature their own IPs that aren't shared with anybody else. Even when you use a standard shared account, however, you are able to acquire a dedicated IP address that will be used just by your websites - one or a few. As this can contribute to the speed of yourwebsite, it's much more likely that the site will get better search engine result positions. Of course, that isn't the sole factor, but it can help you get more visitors and potential customers. The dedicated IP is also required if you wish to encrypt the info exchanged between a site and its visitors by using an SSL certificate.

Dedicated IP Address in Cloud Hosting

In case you host your websites on our cutting-edge cloud platform and you have a cloud hosting package, you can add a dedicated IP to your account at any time and assign it to any domain or subdomain with just a couple of clicks. The aforementioned option is accessible in all the data centers where we offer services - Chicago (US), London (UK) and Sydney (AU), so irrespective of your choice throughout the registration process, you are able to get a dedicated IP address for your websites. You will be able to add / remove an IPas well as to keep track of the free and used ones at any moment. In case any of the IPs that you purchase will be used for an SSL certificate, you could enable the automatic configuration feature in our SSL order wizard and our system will request and assign the IP before it sets up the certificate automatically. Our flexible platform will allow you to use a dedicated IP for multiple websites as well if it's not in use by an SSL.