Whois Privacy Protection with aBit Web Hosting

If you want to introduce a strong level of defense for one’s domain name and also shield it from hacker thievery besides other online crimes, the WHOIS Privacy Protection service will be a perfect option. It is going to competently mask all your personal information, which is required to stay available to the public in the domain’s WHOIS information, through swapping it with our details.
Your own confidential info will not be the single thing preserved. We’re going to even filter all the undesired email messages and send out solely domain–related e–mail messages to your email account.

Whois Privacy Protection–eligible TLDs

We’re unable to provide Whois Privacy Protection for all domain names. That is a limitation imposed by the organization in control of managing the any particular TLD at the highest level. It is for these reasons no more but a few domains are presently Whois Privacy Protection–eligible:
The supported TLDs are: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .co, .co.za, .me, .tv & .cc.

SSL Certificates

Get SSL certificates directly from your CP

If you manage an online shop, which accepts credit card payments, it is extremely important for you to offer your web site visitors a safe payment info submission page. And this is precisely where SSL certificates can come in real handy – they encipher the connection between your web site and the client. Usually, you have to go to a 3rd–party vendor to purchase an SSL certificate. That isn’t the situation with aBit Web Hosting.

With us, you can activate a regular SSL certificate or even a wildcard SSL certificate directly through your Control Panel.

SSL Certificates

Domain Name Parking

Domain name parking done simple and easy

You can park an active domain name by pointing it to one of our two domain parking templates – For Sale or Under Construction. The domain name parking process is truly simple and will take effect immediately. You can park as many domain names as you want. And in case you need to un–park the domain – you can accomplish this task with a mouse click.

Additionally, you can tweak our two domain parking themes using custom messages and images in order to make them more unique.

Domain Name Parking

Bulk Domain Registration Options

Immediately register a number of domain names

If you’re establishing a brand on the Internet, you just cannot depend on one single domain name. In order to establish a strong brand identity as well as to hinder any brand theft, you must get several domain names at once – my–brand.com, my–brand.net, etc. In the web hosting Control Panel you will find an elegant solution to this problem – aBit Web Hosting’s bulk domain registration tool.

You can register plenty of domain names at once and submit different WHOIS information for each of them.

Bulk Domain Registration Options

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  • Looking to purchase a fresh domain name? Here, you can see more than fifty distinct domain name extensions at competitive prices.
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  • TLD Details

  • Find out more on the TLDs our company offers. See what’s the minimal registration interval or whether you can acquire Whois Privacy Protection for the domain.
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  • Service Guarantees

  • Experience risk–free domain hosting solutions. At aBit Web Hosting, we promise you a 99.9% network uptime.
  • Contact Us

  • Don’t hesitate to call us on working days to have immediate solutions to all your questions regarding Whois Privacy Protection. Also, you can take advantage of the chat service or publish a help ticket through your Control Panel whenever you need to.